Round up of Top 5 Picks 2019

We enjoyed sharing our Top 5 Picks series with you throughout 2019.  As you will know it follows a simple format each month – we ask an interior designer to choose their five favourite products from within the CDQ membership.

The designers had all been nominated by at least one member of Chelsea Design Quarter to take part and they all took a unique approach to making their selections.  Some chose products from a specific project they had worked on, others went with their ‘go-to’ suppliers and either items they had used or were in the process of specifying.

We have decided to retire the format for 2020 and will be introducing something new in it’s place – stay tuned for more details!  Before we move forward we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of our favourite picks from each designer who has worked with us on The Top 5 Picks this year.

We were delighted to kick off the year with Georgina Cave of Cave Interiors.   We loved her choices which were a great representation of both her style and the members of Chelsea Design Quarter.  Our highlight from her picks is the RW Atlas Pot Filler from Waterworks.  You can read about the rest of her choices and why she chose them here.

Meraki Design were a pleasure to work with and we spent the day with them filming some Instagram stories, which you can still find on our highlights.  We’ve cheated with our highlight from their selection and chosen two – Star Silk by Helen Amy Murray for the Rug Company and the Lily Cocktail table from Tom Faulkner.  The ladies at Meraki obviously agree as they have paired them together as shown below at a recent client project.  You can read the round up of the rest of their picks and why they chose them here.

We had another design duo making their selection in March.  The ladies of Studio QD made a great selection of products, but in the end our highlight was the striking Alalpardo Reclaimed Tile from Bert & May.  You can read more about their choices here.

Martin Brudnizki is the creative force behind MBDS and it was great to get some insight from him into his background and career.  Our highlight is the Almack Sofa from the Cocktail Collection at George Smith.  Read about Martin’s further choices and reasons here.

Juliette Byrne spoke at Robert Langford about the Bespoke process during the Springtime Sessions in March and we after we published her Top 5 Picks a couple of months later.  With that in mind we think it’s rather fitting that our highlight is the Byrne Headboard from Robert Langford. Further information about her choices here.

Susie Atkinson joined us for June and made a great selection.  We’ve chosen the Rectangular Tilt Mirror from Drummonds which Susie specifies a lot for her various projects, and we can see why.  Catch up on her other choices here.

The lovely ladies at Stephenson Wright have done a lot with Chelsea Design Quarter this year.  They joined us for the Top 5 Picks, collaborated with Deirdre Dyson on an amazing window for our Autumn event and very kindly donated a bottle of hand painted artisan gin to the CDQ Autumn Raffle.   Our choice from their picks is the Patina in copper verde finish from Tatiana Tafur.  All of their choices were great and you can read more about them here.

Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson of K & H Design were a pleasure to work with and we enjoyed sharing their Top 5 Picks.  We had to choose the Indian ceremonial painted boar from Guinevere which was also featured in their amazing window designed by Geoffroy Van Hulle. Read more about their choices here.

Helen Bygraves and Jenny Weiss of Hill House Interiors tackled the Top 5 Picks in the busy month of September.  We felt that their selection really represented their style and again it was hard to choose a highlight, but we settled on Harmony Herringbone Sisal from Crucial Trading.  You can see the rest of their choices here.

We had the pleasure of spending the day with Sarah Ward of Sarah Ward Interiors when we filmed some stories for Instagram explaining her Top 5 Picks (see highlights).  Sarah was also kind enough to donate a stunning set of placemats from her other business the POSH Trading company for our Autumn Raffle.  We have chosen the Dawn rug from Deirdre Dyson as our highlight.  Read more about this and her other choices here.

Our final designer to take part in the Top 5 Picks was Nicky Dobree.  We loved all of her choices and it was hard to pick just one highlight, but we settled on the Cazalla Wall Lights from John Cullen Lighting. Read more about her choices here.

Thank you again to all the designers and their teams who helped them with the their Top 5 Picks choices this year.  We’ve enjoyed working with all of you!

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