Top 5 Picks Round Up - Meraki Design

We really enjoyed sharing Meraki Design’s Top 5 Picks last week.  You can read the interview we did with Maria and Eris here.

They chose a great selection of products and you can see the ladies visiting  the various showrooms featured in our highlights on Instagram.

Reed Harris – Roma Statuario Tiles (all shapes & sizes)

“A personal favourite as co-founder of Meraki Design, Eris Koutsoudakis, has used this tile in her master bathroom at home. Absolutely love how natural it looks.”

The Rug Company – Star Silk by Helen Amy Murray

“What is not to love with hand carved  grey pure silk? Gorgeous colour and texture  combined!”

Drummonds – Thurso Shower

“An absolute masterpiece by  the leaders in luxury baths and showers”

For further detail on the project this featured in – head to the video tour and interview of their project on the Drummonds website.

Element 7 – Hunter Oak wide and long chevron pattern

“We worked with Element 7 to create the perfect oversized chevron! I think we nailed it and as master of engineered wood they nailed the colour.”

Tom Faulkner – Lily Tables in all shapes and sizes

“Organically shaped tops, that look stunning in a group, or stand-alone; placed together, they almost look like real lily pads, floating on a lake.”

Thank you Maria and Eris for your considered choices.  We loved sharing them – and also loved seeing them in the context of your projects.


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