Top 5 Picks Roundup - Justin Van Breda

Continuing our monthly series of Top 5 Picks, we published Justin Van Breda’s choices last week.  The series sees designers and key influencers picking their top 5 products which are announced over the course of a week.   You can read the Q&A we did with Justin at the beginning of the week here.

Justin Van Breda London – New NOVA Cabinet in Rosewood 

“I chose this because of its line and finish and also the challenge to make something so simple so beautifully.”

The Rug Company – David Rockwell’s Platinum 

“This rug I have used many times in various schemes. It just pulled rooms together without shouting look at me. It’s perfect.”

The Fabric Room – The Ascot Acorn in Natural England Colourway by Katharine Amies

“It’s just so English and true to original artwork.”

Charles Edwards – Odeon outdoor lantern in Zinc

“It’s classic deco and works well in Edwardian style houses too. Love it. Its unexpected.”

Guinevere – Scalloped shell shaped Brown glass with gilt edged dish

“They are about the most luxurious plates I have ever come across. Nina Campbell borrowed them for our Holiday House collaboration and they were just perfect.”

Thank you Justin for taking part in the Top 5 Picks series.  It was a great selection of products.

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