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Dear All,

Happy New Year!  I hope that you all had good Christmas breaks.

Unfortunately I had a poor response to my message below and I didn’t have enough content to write a Sale Roundup for the website.  There is still time to do it and it would be great to do something, so if you send over your sale information to me by the end of today I can post something on Friday.  If you could include some images as well that would be great.

Best wishes


Dear All,

I hope that you are well.

I know that most of you are in the middle of or about to start your sale.  It would be great to do a round-up of whose on sale in CDQ.

For this – please could those who are having a sale send over a bit of information about what is going in the sale, dates of the sale, whether its online, what percentage discounted and any other useful information along with some images to me.  It would be great to get this by Wednesday next week.

Thanks so much





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