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Ideas For The Street Party

We are looking to organise and book up the street party ‘extras’ soon.

Nick will be contacting and placing the orders, but we are very much open to suggestions:


  • Bouncers (x2)
  • Photographer
  • Awnings (incase of rain)
  • Plastic CDQ cups again
  • Street acts – any thoughts or suggestions on this?
  • Flyers – should we create some or rather use E-Mail shots?
  • Pairing up – we are looking again to pair up showrooms
  • Key item on the street – a bath/ light or object to show what you do
  • After party – at the imperial again?
  • In Store events – we are keen to have events instore but keep people on the street, so think how each showroom can offer this and encourage members to do the same.

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says 05 May 2016 at 05:06 pm Edit 

Pearly Kings & Queens; Look-a-like Royals; Corgis; The roving jazz musician are always fun as are the stilt walkers (maybe with some red/white/blue costumes this year?) Look-a-like James Bond… Tiller girls…

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