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Barrister Meeting Tonight, 5pm re. roadworks

Dear Members,


Please see below details of this evenings meeting regarding the roadworks.  If you would like to make a claim, I understand that it has been discussed that these should go in by the end of this week so that everyone can progress with the start of claims early next week.


There is another meeting this evening at Julia Boston Antiques, 588 Kings Rd at 5pm


This is to meet a Barrister re the legal redress against both National Grid and the VOA, for both compensation for loss of earnings and special damages. Please come if you can.

Yesterday evening we met Dein Benjamin a solicitor with Sinclairs Law who kindly came up to talk many of us.

This was to go through the options available to us for legal action to be taken against both National Grid for compensation and also for action against the VOA (Valuations Office)  to have the business rates reduced.


1 National Grid

Compensation is available please call TODAY or at the very soonest to register your claim. If you already have forms please try and get your claims  sent off this week if you can. I have attached the forms below with the letter that I have received with instructions.


Contact to call is Victoria Spratt or Jenna Smith  t. 0845 757 3202  or email them


2 Business Rates
Please call as soon as possible the rates department at LBHF and have your rates suspended for the duration of the discussions with the VOA, they will only give you till August, but then call again and have the suspended again. If you have already had them suspended, call and get that suspension extended.
LBHF Finance department
020 8753 6681
open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Then get in touch with the VOA and say that you need to have your rates payable reduced which means a reduction in the rateable value of your shop, you can make the application on line or call them or email them, Ours is a HARDSHIP CASE and it is being discussed.
Contacts at VOA
Runa Begum   0300 050 0641
Aysha Ebrahim  0300 050 0595
Alan Hughes  0300 050 5051
Team Leader Mark Pavlou  0300 050 2953
Link to the appeals form

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