Talisman hosting [SPECTRUM] An Exhibition of Claudia Legge’s recent work

Talisman have an exciting exhibition of new works by Claudia Legge.  The award-winning photographer has won critical acclaim for her underwater photography and this exhibition of her latest images will showcase the full range of her dynamic vision alongside her signature work.

Made up of two broad categories – images “created” underwater with ethereal and suggestive feel with a strong focus on light and colour and those that are “observed” with strong colour and simple, almost abstract design.

SPECTRUM, the title of the exhibition refers to Claudia’s choice of predominantly brightly-coloured pictures, and she is hopeful that these colours will have a neurological effect on her audience and that the images will stay with them long after the exhibition.

Claudia is based in London but works and travels world-wide, and is well known as a fashion and travel photographer in addition to shooting album covers and music videos for the likes of Laura Marling.   This exhibition is a must see for those both familiar and new to her body of work.

The exhibition is at the Talisman showroom 71-79 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4SQ.

It opens on 8th November and runs to 24th November.   Opening hours Monday to Thursday 10am – 6pm, Friday to Saturday 10am – 5pm.   Entry is free.


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