Matthew Wailes & Stilelibero: ‘Emotional impressions’ A workshop hosted by Ilaria Perra

As part of the Springtime Sessions, in partnership with the BIID, Matthew Wailes and Stilelibero are hosting ‘Emotional impressions’ – A workshop with Ilaria Perra.

Art IS emotion, the act of expressing a state of mind or a state of being.

In this session you will explore and create mark-making using acrylic paints on glass or Gelli Arts Plates. Your marks will then be transferred onto paper or calico.

What if we could capture in a few strokes; our emotions, our memories, our pain, our frustration and transform them into an artistic impression, a visible, tangible creation. A moment in time, a feeling, a memory…..

What colours would you use to express its essence?
Is it bold or is it gentle?
What’s its frequency?
What are the colours?
What is the speed and force, can you remember how it made you feel?

Mono-printing in this form is a freestyle technique, allowing us to break away from rules and expectations, making room for a more intuitive, flexible, liberating and unpredictable creative process. A wonderful introduction to Printmaking, which will bring a new dynamic to your creative expression.

Gestural and textural marks can be achieved through the use of a wide variety of tools which can either remove or apply the colours to your plate. This session offers you the chance to explore the possibilities of mark-making whist enjoying and discovering new ways of creating art and design.

“The process of mark-making can be a trance like experience, one becomes the medium, receiving the gift of creation, very addictive and incredibly cathartic – a form of ‘art therapy’ and a process of healing”

Stilelibero Products include printed and woven textiles for fashion and interiors

All necessary equipment will be provided:
Apron, gloves, knives, forks, paper, newsprint, plastic cards, wood blocks, textured surfaces, masking tape, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, paper kitchen roll.

If you have your own mark-making ‘tool/s’ that you wish to bring, please do so.

The event is free of charge, but booking is required.

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