Introducing Waterworks Isla

Isla is a first of its kind collaboration with notable sculptor and jewelry designer, Jill Platner. The collection brings new organic form and texture to the bath, adding a unique, yet incredibly versatile aesthetic. With extreme focus on the form and craft, Isla brings a new aesthetic for the bath space using methods that transcend the industry’s traditional design process.


“Isla merges two realms of the world we appreciate, art and interior — brought together through craft and quality engineering. The design process opened new approaches for us and the final collection is very exciting,” said Peter Sallick, CEO and Creative Director of Waterworks.


Each piece began by hand sculpting a model out of wax. We then created a new process using 3-D scanning to convert these models into CAD format before ultimately developing into cast molds and bringing the collection to life.


“I traditionally work in sculpture and jewelry which are very tactile objects and a faucet is quite similar when you consider how many times you touch and interact with it in a day,” said Jill Platner. “Every component started at my hands before going through various iterations of design. Waterworks has a true commitment to quality craftsmanship and I marvel at the completed brass fittings. There was no compromise, no cutting corners.”

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