Guinevere Host Tomasz Starzewsk in conversation with Lucy Cleland.

Guinevere will be hosting “The relationship between the fashion designer, interior designer and the age of the influencer. Is branding invading the decorating world?” as part of the Chelsea Design Quarter Springtime Sessions in association with the BIID.

Tomasz Starzewski, fashion designer and interior designer, will be in conversation with Lucy Cleland, editor of Country and Town House magazine.  They will be discussing if the role of fashion designer and interior designer is changing as the impact of influencers grows ever stronger and how the influencer phenomenon affects the dynamics between fashion, interiors and design.  A Q&A will follow the talk and guests are invited to stay for a drink while they explore Guinevere’s inspiring galleries.

Wednesday 27th March, 5pm – 6.30pm at Guinevere, 574 – 580 King’s Road
London, SW6 2DY.  This event is now FULLY BOOKED.

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