From Brush to Loom

Step inside the Deirdre Dyson Gallery over London Design Festival for a one-off exhibition of Deirdre Dysons fine art work.

The exhibition, curated by Lady Dyson herself, will showcase a collection of her artwork hung alongside her stunning carpet designs, bringing to life the concept of Walking on Art and how she interprets her artistic vision through paint brush and loom.

Having specialised in Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School and in Graphics and Illustration at Wimbledon College of Art, Lady Dyson fell into creating carpets out of a necessity, to find something for her own house. With her artistic vision and the unrivalled technique of Nepalese craftsmen, Lady Dyson successfully distilled her artistic skills into carpet design and it is this unique combination which results in a textile artwork.

“My passion has always been to explore form and colour and this is a key part of my approach to carpet design.  I aim to create something that is more a work of art than simply a carpet.  I recently wrote a book, entitled “Walking on Art”, which talks about the processes and techniques that go into creating my carpets and rugs.  Through this exhibition, I hope to bring alive some of the content of the book – it’s very exciting.”  Lady Dyson

The exhibition will be held at the recently transformed four-storey Deirdre Dyson Gallery, 544 Kings Road, from Monday 19th September, 6pm-8pm for a late opening preview and daily, 10am-6pm until Saturday 24th September.  Designed by architect Timothy Hatton, the stunning gallery with its fabulous roof top, offers design fans a perfect place to relax during their exploration of the design treasures on offer in the Chelsea Design Quarter, over London Design Festival.

Deirdre Dyson

Paper & Stone by Deirdre Dyson and the Deirdre Dyson Gallery

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