To help introduce the newest member of the Deirdre Dyson team, Company Manager, Edison put together a few questions…

So, what has your career journey been so far and what attracted you to the Deirdre Dyson Company?

I’ve had a mixed bag of experience over the last few years. I started off in the advertising space and over time have moved closer to product. I come from a family of “makers” so have always had an emotional attachment and obsession with creation. Deirdre Dyson as a company really appealed as the integrity of the brand runs right through the product. Beautifully designed, beautifully made, and honest.

It’s only been your first week here but how have you found it?

So far so good – it’s been a touch hectic getting to grips with the thousands of pom samples and extensive catalogue of designs we have, but I’m getting there. It’s a really exciting time to join as Alice built an incredible foundation from which to work from – so we’ll see where we can go!

Being located in the #Chelseadesignquarter, with many other well-known brands and independent businesses, is there any particular product close by that has caught your eye?

I haven’t really had that much of a chance to look around to be honest – had my head down too much! I am a fan of Go Modern though.

The theme for this year’s CDQ Summer Street Party, which takes place 6pm-9pm on Wednesday 7th June is ‘The Circus’. If you were a circus act or animal, what would that be and why?

I went to a circus in Beijing a few years ago which reaffirmed my lifelong belief that I could never, ever be in a circus. But if I had to be, probably something like a seal trainer but I wouldn’t want to train the seals so much as just hang out with them.

And finally, what is your favourite carpet design?

PLECTRUMS really appeals to me, I love the soft geometric shapes and layering of colour.

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