Deirdre Dyson Launches new Horizons Collection at Maison et Objet Paris

Deirdre Dyson launched their 2018 collection ‘Horizons’ at the Maison et Objet Paris exhibition which took place 19th – 23rd January.  The collection includes designs with names such as Seascape, Skyscape and Dusk.  The Horizon collection is designed with impressive dimensions with the hand knotted rugs measuring upwards of five metres wide.  The large scale of the pieces helps to reflect their inspiration of the sea and sky.

Deirdre Dyson Stand at Maison et Objet Paris 2018

Owner and designer Deirdre Dyson says: “As a painter, my primary focus is on colour – it provides both depth and atmosphere.  I give it the same attention in my carpet designs and for my new collection, I concentrate on the changeovers from one shade to another, as seen in the World around us – the sea and the sky.  My Dusk design, represents the colours and energy of the heat in the sky, as the sun sets at dusk, with vivid reds and pinks, melting into soothing purples and blues.  Part of the impact of looking at the sky and the sea is their scale – so I wanted to represent them as truly as possible by creating carpets on a large scale. My amazing team in Nepal hand-knotted the two huge carpets on a single loom, which is quite extraordinary!”

Each Deirdre Dyson carpet is totally bespoke and can be fitted or free standing.  As with all of her collections Horizion can be purchased as shown, or clients can apply their own personal touch through colour, shape, size and design elements.   There are different construction options available to suit all different budgets.

For more information and to view the impressive new designs head to their showroom in the heart of the Chelsea Design Quarter or visit the website:

Deirdre Dyson, 554 Kings Road, London, SW6 2DZ.


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