The Artisan Craftsmanship Behind Every Deirdre Dyson Hand-knotted Carpet

We are delighted to finally share this stunningly beautiful film, showing the ancient skill and craft of carpet knotting which goes in to the making of our British designer contemporary carpets and also the Nepalese culture.    Nepalese, hand knotted carpets are all made on the loom, using Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.


The last shot of this film in Katmandu, happened to be of the sunrise on the day of the earthquake in Nepal, April 25th, 2015.  This film is probably the last footage of Nepal before the disaster.


We give grateful thanks to our film crew, headed by Colin Peacock and to Tashi and Pema who did so much to facilitate the making of this film and who all struggled through the crisis.


We dedicate this film to all those who suffered the tragic loss of loved ones and livelihoods but also to the survival of the skills of the Nepalese craftsmen and women who continue to make these beautiful carpets with the time honoured craft, pride and devotion.


All carpets featured in this film are GoodWeave certified. As members of Goodweave, part of our profits go back to local community projects, ensuring child free labour whilst helping to rebuild and support the carpet making community of Nepal.

To view the full film click here

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