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  • As part of the @RocaLONGallery autumn exhibition are hosting "Drawing Attention: Unplugged with CJ Lim and Helen Th… 15th Oct
  • We hoped you enjoyed Sarah Ward's #CDQTop5Picks as much as we did. If you missed any of her videos they are saved… 14th Oct
  • Sarah Ward's final choice in her #CDQTop5Picks is the Cazalla from @johncullenlight. “The input John Cullen give… 11th Oct
  • The 4th choice for Sarah Ward's #CDQTop5Picks is the Rombo Dusty Lilac by @tatianatafurLTD. "Tatiana Tafur have an… 10th Oct
  • Today's #CDQTop5Picks choice from Sarah Ward is this Monogrammed Engraved Door Knob from @hautedeco. “I love the… 9th Oct

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