Stephenson Wright

Stephenson Wright

Type of Designer: Interior Designer

Contact: 01932 508440


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With their natural, grounded attitude and can-do approach, Stephenson Wrights’ projects strike a balance of enduring and original. No two homes are the same – each design emerges from a place of vivid creativity, tailored to suit their clients’ personalities.

Their talents complement each other perfectly.  Juliette has a relentless eye for detail coupled with an intuitive vision for the overall style direction.  She is well versed in global sourcing and can turn her hand to any brief.  Natalie has a natural flair for colour and materials adding a diverse aesthetic to their portfolio.  Her strong business acumen and calm managerial command is at the forefront of her approach.  Together their extensive experience brings assurance to their clients.  Stephenson Wright are consistently quoted as designers who really listen.

As a dynamic duo whose infectious passion is combined with an ability to really absorb what a client wants, the team are naturally enlisted to design their clients second and third homes throughout London, the home-counties and abroad.

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