Meraki Design

Meraki Design

Type of Designer: Interior Designer

Address: 27 Parsons Green Lane

Contact: 020 7736 7755


  • Architecture, interiors, design, interior design
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Meraki design is a London based interior design studio founded by Maria Kachramanoglou and Eris Koutsoudakis in 2013. As the name of the practice implies, they choose to pour their heart and soul into every project they undertake; the meaning of the Greek word Meraki, which reveals the passion and dedication of a job well done.

Meraki creates unique interiors by doing extensive background research for each project consequently creating individual projects.  The design principals are based acutely on the client’s needs, the history of the property and its context.  This approach generates a firm foundation for beautiful spaces that have an exclusive narrative that is understated and timeless with attention to the slightest detail.  The forefront of all Meraki projects is always the client.

The design studio has a vast portfolio of accomplished projects over the past 6 years including high end residences and hotels in the UK, Greece, Italy and South Africa…

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