Type of Business: Flooring

Address: L'Origine
583 King’s Road
London, SW6 2EH

Contact: 0203 608 9891

Website: loriginelondon.co.uk

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  • Ground Floor - 7
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Working with wood has become a lost art.

​Machines and crude techniques have replaced what was previously an artisan tradition that would have been passed down from generation to generation.

A few lay claim to this lost art but hardly any can demonstrate it. L’Origine is founded by Vincent Coignet, who from birth has been surrounded by nothing but this artistry of wood. Going back through generations in France all his lineage has ever known is to shape and transform wood. Brought up immersed in this environment Vincent is now a master within his field rivalled by very few.

How to get there:
  • Buses Buses 11 and 22
  • Underground Fulham Broadway

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