Laura Hammett

Laura Hammett

Type of Designer: Interior Designer

Address: Marlin House
40 Peterborough Road
London SW6 3BN

Contact: +44 (0)20 7731 7369


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Laura Hammett creates luxury residential interiors. Husband and wife team Aaron and Laura Hammett bring a wealth of experience of the international property market, along with a thorough understanding of the dynamics and requirements of contemporary living. Founded in 2008, the multi award-winning London studio provides interior architecture and design services with a strong sense of identity.

Laura Hammett’s signature classic contemporary designs complement every architectural style, with a strong identity that draws inspiration from the location, building vernacular and the client’s requirements, interests and lifestyle. Bespoke design is integral to the Laura Hammett approach. Every facet of a project can be custom made to exacting specifications, ensuring that the clients’ needs are realised with unwavering creative expression, with the very finest quality assured.

Recent work includes substantial family homes in India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Brussels, as well as private apartments in New York, Miami, Athens, Paris and China and a 19-seat private jet, and commercial projects in London and the UAE. Laura Hammett believes that quality of life can be enhanced through exceptional design, with every detail, material, and element of space creating a luxurious whole, enhancing a property’s value while still retaining a truly personal touch.

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