Kelling Designs

Kelling Designs

Type of Designer: Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Interior Designer

Address: 3 Langton Street
SW10 0JL

Contact: 0203 866 4430


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  • Country Master Bathroom
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  • Party Barn2
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Kelling Designs was founded by Emma Deterding in 2006.

Emma’s ability to offer a well-thought-out scheme for private clients at home and abroad has been honed over years of working in the London sales and rental markets, where her passion for interiors began.┬áHer flair for decorating rental properties developed into a successful interior design company and Kelling Designs was born.

Since then, Emma has worked on numerous domestic and commercial projects in London and overseas, and her reputation for not shying away from colour and pattern sets her apart in the market.

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