Roca London Gallery present – Timber Rising: Vertical Visions for the Cities of Tomorrow

Roca London Gallery have a new exhibition focusing on the new phenomenon in architectural practice: the beginning of high-rise building in wood.  ‘Timber Rising’ opened on 9th February and takes an in depth look at the new use of timber in high-rise buildings including interviews, case studies and an insight into some of the more ambitious concept and research proposals.

The exhibition is a must for all aspiring architects and designers with an interest in the latest trends and building techniques. The exhibition pays special attention to number of international projects:

– The Kulturhus Skellefteå in Sweden by White Arkitekter (Stockholm), a 19-storey pre-fabricated timber-framed building of art, theatre and literature;

– The two soaring Oakwood Timber Tower proposals for the Barbican and the Netherlands by PLP Architecture (London), who have worked in close collaboration with Cambridge University and engineers Smith and Wallwork;

– Treet (The Tree) by ARTEC AS (Bergen, Norway) the first rising timber building to capture the world’s attention; and Dalston Lane by Waugh Thistleton Architects (London).

Timber champion and TED speaker Michael Green (MGA | Michael Green Architecture, Vancouver) will also be participating, with an in-depth interview that contributes further to this exciting debate.

A sculpture and statement on wood by artist David Nash (whose work has inspired some of the participants) will also be featured, drawing an interesting parallel between architecture and art.

The exhibition is free to enter and runs until 19th May.  For further information visit (Roca London Gallery, Station Court, Townmead Road, SW6 2PY).

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